We Have Beautiful Floral Arrangements at DIBS! On Resale All Year Around!

Everyone loves a bit of color this time of year. And you will always find fresh and interesting flower arrangements at DIBS! On Resale no matter what the season. Some of the silk flower donations we get in are old and tired and  just need a little love.  Marcia fills that niche when it comes to silk flowers and dusty arrangements.

Who knew you could wash silk flowers!

Marcia is a “retired” florist and on Monday mornings you will find her working in the back cleaning, sorting and rearranging. She has a collection of tools to help her clean and spruce up the silks and a great sellection of vases to create new arrangements with.  By the end of the morning she brings  beautiful floral arrangements out for sale.

Above are some of the beautiful arrangements Marcia has created for the store.  Stop in and see what new floral arrangements have been brought out this week.

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Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).