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Kids outgrow clothes before they wear them out. You have worn that sweater to three parties, time to get a new one. I’m downsizing and have extra furniture. I read that book about decluttering and now I have bags of unwanted stuff! What do you do with all this extra stuff?


Awesome donations come into DIBS! On Resale daily, we call them Blessings! Gently used clothing, household goods, and furniture. We sort, test, clean and put out the best for others to Reuse!

There are always people looking for something. Items are purchased to furnish that new apartment or fill that blank space on the wall. A piece of jewelry to complete any outfit. A unique item to complete a collection or to start a collection. Resale stores fill many needs.


Paul from MRM picks up goods

Once something has been out on the floor for a while and hasn’t sold we have to move it on. DIBS! On Resale has a partnership with Muskegon Rescue Mission. They stop by once a week to pick up what doesn’t sell. They will bail clothing and take shoes to be recycled and pay us a little for that. They also take hard goods to try to sell in their stores.

We collect metal and paper to recycle. Dave and Ken from the First CRC in Grand Haven will stop by every couple weeks to pick up metal and paper for recycling.

Dave & Ken

They have a huge recycling program at their church and work hard at keeping metals out of our landfill. Gail manages our housewares department. Her church has a kitchen pantry for families in need. She will take kitchen items that don’t sell for use in that mission. Bob will take our plastics to top off his recycle bin at home. All this is done to keep recyclables out of the landfill.


We still generate some disposable waste but I am happy to say we only have our dumpster emptied only once a month. That’s not too bad.

Drop off your donations at the BIG Blue Doors on the south side of DIBS! On Resale. Your donation is helping to generate funds to make our schools better.

DIBS Volunteers Are Awesome!

Gail and Kay


Carolyn and Tillie

“I always receive a blessing when I work”  Willie

Volunteering has always been a big part of supporting our Christian Schools. From Bazaars to Banquets to Resale stores we have a community of supporters who willingly come together in support of our Christian School community.

Jennifer and Tammy

Bobbie Joe

Banquet day was always a busy day.  From frying swiss steak to cooking hams and all those pies! Every Church all had a group of people assigned tasks to help the dinners go smoothly.


Sharon, Sandy, and Mary

Once a year in the Fall the PTA would host a Bazaar.  Booths were set up in the gym for baked goods, handicrafts, Christmas decorations and so much more.  People donated goods to fill the booths and the school parking lot was overflowing with shoppers.


When the first used clothing store was opened it was in a very small building on Apple.  Now we are back on Apple with the new DIBS! On Resale where we sell everything!  With the support of volunteers, we continue to stand behind and support our West Michigan Christian Schools.



Join our team and show your support for Christian Education by volunteering today!

We have volunteer shifts to fit your schedule. From stopping in for a quick task or staying for coffee with friends.

Call DIBS! On Resale 798-2252, email dibs.onresale or stop in we LOVE to see your smiling faces!



DIBS! GRAND OPENING: WMCS Prayer Blessing & Ribbon Cutting Event on Jan 17th at noon

DIBS! On Resale” Moved to 1279 E Apple Ave

The first time I walked into our new building I couldn’t even see the walls. The building was being used as an office furniture sales and storage building.  It was wall to wall, floor to ceiling office furniture!  Once that was all removed we could see the potential.  The first thing we needed was a new fire suppression system.  Next, we brought in shelving to divide the working rooms from the showroom, build two dressing rooms and hooked up the speaker system.

Finally. It’s moving day, or maybe I should say moving weeks.   We had many volunteers come in to help pack up the Harvey St store and move everything to the Apple Ave. store.  The whole time we kept both stores open for business.  I was most impressed with the amount of stuff the little yellow delivery truck holds! And with the enclosed trailer that came to move all the racks of clothing!

I feel truly blessed with so many volunteers who came to support this major undertaking!  We have been welcomed into a neighborhood with new customers and familiar faces.  Everyone is so excited and grateful for a store like ours to open in their neighborhood. And I am really glad the snow held off while all this was happening!

I am very excited to share with you the NEW DIBS! On Resale.

Watch the video to see the store transformation and read about the GRAND OPENING events below.

GRAND OPENING WEEK ~ January 14 – 19 2019

  • Join us on Thursday, Jan 17th  for our 5-School PRAYER BLESSING & RIBBON CUTTING EVENT ~ January 17 at noon. Come pray with all five principals from West Michigan Christian Schools and enjoy some cake to celebrate our Grand Opening!
  • Enter into our end of week drawing with each purchase.
  • Tuesdays are  Senior Days with 15% off.
  • We honor Veterans every day with 15% off.
  • Sign up for our weekly email (add me to the DIBS! list) and always know what is happening at the store.

DIBS! On Resale your NEIGHBORHOOD Resale store!


Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).


Thanksgiving is here and I am so grateful for the wonderful volunteers and shoppers that help DIBS! On Resale support our local Christian Schools and community.   It is great to have a day set aside to be reminded of all our blessings.


I have an invitation for you!  SHOP SMALL for Christmas.  DIBS! On Resale will have extended hours on Saturday November 24.  We have unique gift items you won’t find anywhere else.  Come in a find that perfect sweater for your Christmas party (ugly or not).  Are you  looking for a White Elephant gift? – we have them.

Our storage room is overflowing with Christmas!

All year long we store away the nicest Christmas decorations for holiday decorating.   It is always a surprise to open the boxes and see what is inside.  These last few weeks our elves have been busy bringing out beautiful, sparkly ornaments and setting up lovely trees.  We have colorful serving pieces, little houses, Christmas books and festive clothing.  Here is a taste of what we have available.

We would like to share one more blessing…

DIBS! On Resale is moving!

We are very excited to announce that on December First we will be handed the keys to our new building.  This is a BIG step for DIBS! On Resale. Having our own building will enable us to better serve the schools we support by fully utilizing our 501(c)3 status. Over the next two months we will be transitioning to the new building.  And we look forward to opening our doors to customers at 1279 E Apple Ave. in Muskegon  just 8 minutes from our current location.

Be sure to sign up to ADD ME TO THE DIBS! LIST on the right to receive our weekly email  and follow us on facebook.  We will keep everyone informed on how the transition is progressing.


Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).

Time to Change

School has started and it is time to change

I will admit it,  I am reluctant to let summer go this year, but school has started and it is time to change.  Time to put away shorts and bring out sweaters.

We sort twice and put out the nicest items for our customers.

We have a great team at DIBS! On Resale who makes the switch happen.   All the clothing that comes into the store is sorted twice.  First Volunteers check buttons and zippers and look for stains and rips.  Next, each department goes through it again choosing the best clothing to put on hangers.  Every week new clothing is put out and for the last few weeks Fall clothing has been coming out of storage.  Beautiful sweaters, dresses, shirts and more.  Laura, Jennifer, Marie and Sadie along with many others keep the the racks fresh & full.

We carry clothing for everyone!

Men’s shirts are always a great buy and they are like new!  Infant clothing is just 99c! We carry maternity and Plus sizes as well as formal wear.  Stop in and check out the great selection at DIBS! On Resale.


Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).