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Does This Work???

At DIBS! On Resale, we receive electrical donations of all sorts. “Does this work?” is a frequently asked question. We see beautiful and unusual lamps of all sizes, candle warmers and fountains. We get electronics from clocks to radios and kitchen gadgets galore. There are tools of all sorts to dry, cut and curl hair. Games, puzzles, and toys with all the bells and whistles. We test them all.

Look for the BLUE DOT 🧿

Our Team Tests Everything

Bob helps to keep all the gadgets and gizmos sorted. Rich cleans & keeps the cords under control. And Bruce liked the massage chair he tested so much he came back a bought it! If something does not work it will be used for parts or put into a bin to be recycled.

Once the item is tested and cleaned it is ready to be put out on the floor. When you decide to make a purchase look for the blue dot 🧿 to see that it was tested. AND we will happily plug it in for you if you want further proof.

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Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).



Dibs! On Resale first opened its doors in 2012  to raise money to support Christian education in the West Michigan area.   And since we opened we have given over $130,000 to the local Christian schools.  In the last two years, we have expanded our store to include eBay and Poshmark sales.   This has given us the opportunity to give a gift directly to teachers each month!

Teachers always have a wish list!

Each month we choose two teachers to receive $100 each to purchase something from their classroom wish list.  It’s been lots of fun to surprise a teacher with this extra money.  Teachers always have a wishlist for supplies needed in the classroom.  Cash for the Class has provided books for a fifth-grade reading program, Whiteboards & markers for the Spanish classes and lots of educational tools for the classrooms.

Get to Know Our Teachers On Teacher Tuesday!

Every Tuesday on the WMCS Blog you will be introduced to one of our gifted teachers.  Take a minute to read about some beautiful people who are the heart of our schools.  DIBS! On Resale gives DIBS! Dollars to each Tuesday Teacher.  Help us create a goodie bag for Teacher Tuesday.   What can you add to show your support for our teachers?  Contact Kimberlee Mitchell with your idea  here   

Alumni Challenge: Donate Your Time~Sign up to Cashier one day a week or once a month.

Every time you volunteer to cashier just one shift it’s like donating $50 to the schools. It’s a fun and painless way to support our schools.

If you ever ran a cash register in the past you can do it for DIBS! On Resale.  It’s like riding a bike, you never forget how!  Send us an email – Contact US  and we will add you to the cashier list and get you on the schedule!