Decorate with DIBS!

Thrift stores are a great place to find unusual & unique.

If you are looking for an addition to your collection of birds or lighthouses DIBS! On resale is a great place to look. If you are looking for a vintage or midcentury piece of furniture we get them in.  If you like to repurpose things you will find inspiration at DIBS! On Resale.

Shoppers Share Ideas

I always talk with our customers and they frequently tell me what they plan to do with something they bought at the store. An old relish dish will make a great jewelry tray and wooden spoons will be used in garden art. So I asked for some pictures to share.

One of our customers has decorated her bathroom in a jungle theme with items she has repurposed from thrift stores.  A leopard print top she found at DIBS! On Resale was taken apart so she could use the fabric to make a window scarf. The towels and artwork came from DIBS! as well. Another customer had always wanted a four-poster bed and found hers at DIBS! along with a curio cabinet that was just the right size for her bedroom.

This Mid-Century china cabinet recently found a new home in a “Jazz” themed room with a mid-Century style.  And an old entertainment center found new life as a beautiful child’s kitchen complete with a scenic view out the window!

So much creativity! Shop DIBS! On Resale for your next treasure or inspiration, you won’t be disappointed!

Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).