Kids outgrow clothes before they wear them out. You have worn that sweater to three parties, time to get a new one. I’m downsizing and have extra furniture. I read that book about decluttering and now I have bags of unwanted stuff! What do you do with all this extra stuff?


Awesome donations come into DIBS! On Resale daily, we call them Blessings! Gently used clothing, household goods, and furniture. We sort, test, clean and put out the best for others to Reuse!

There are always people looking for something. Items are purchased to furnish that new apartment or fill that blank space on the wall. A piece of jewelry to complete any outfit. A unique item to complete a collection or to start a collection. Resale stores fill many needs.


Paul from MRM picks up goods

Once something has been out on the floor for a while and hasn’t sold we have to move it on. DIBS! On Resale has a partnership with Muskegon Rescue Mission. They stop by once a week to pick up what doesn’t sell. They will bail clothing and take shoes to be recycled and pay us a little for that. They also take hard goods to try to sell in their stores.

We collect metal and paper to recycle. Dave and Ken from the First CRC in Grand Haven will stop by every couple weeks to pick up metal and paper for recycling.

Dave & Ken

They have a huge recycling program at their church and work hard at keeping metals out of our landfill. Gail manages our housewares department. Her church has a kitchen pantry for families in need. She will take kitchen items that don’t sell for use in that mission. Bob will take our plastics to top off his recycle bin at home. All this is done to keep recyclables out of the landfill.


We still generate some disposable waste but I am happy to say we only have our dumpster emptied only once a month. That’s not too bad.

Drop off your donations at the BIG Blue Doors on the south side of DIBS! On Resale. Your donation is helping to generate funds to make our schools better.