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Dibs! On Resale first opened its doors in 2012  to raise money to support Christian education in the West Michigan area.   And since we opened we have given over $130,000 to the local Christian schools.  In the last two years, we have expanded our store to include eBay and Poshmark sales.   This has given us the opportunity to give a gift directly to teachers each month!

Teachers always have a wish list!

Each month we choose two teachers to receive $100 each to purchase something from their classroom wish list.  It’s been lots of fun to surprise a teacher with this extra money.  Teachers always have a wishlist for supplies needed in the classroom.  Cash for the Class has provided books for a fifth-grade reading program, Whiteboards & markers for the Spanish classes and lots of educational tools for the classrooms.

Get to Know Our Teachers On Teacher Tuesday!

Every Tuesday on the WMCS Blog you will be introduced to one of our gifted teachers.  Take a minute to read about some beautiful people who are the heart of our schools.  DIBS! On Resale gives DIBS! Dollars to each Tuesday Teacher.  Help us create a goodie bag for Teacher Tuesday.   What can you add to show your support for our teachers?  Contact Kimberlee Mitchell with your idea  here   

Alumni Challenge: Donate Your Time~Sign up to Cashier one day a week or once a month.

Every time you volunteer to cashier just one shift it’s like donating $50 to the schools. It’s a fun and painless way to support our schools.

If you ever ran a cash register in the past you can do it for DIBS! On Resale.  It’s like riding a bike, you never forget how!  Send us an email – Contact US  and we will add you to the cashier list and get you on the schedule!

DIBS! GRAND OPENING: WMCS Prayer Blessing & Ribbon Cutting Event on Jan 17th at noon

DIBS! On Resale” Moved to 1279 E Apple Ave

The first time I walked into our new building I couldn’t even see the walls. The building was being used as an office furniture sales and storage building.  It was wall to wall, floor to ceiling office furniture!  Once that was all removed we could see the potential.  The first thing we needed was a new fire suppression system.  Next, we brought in shelving to divide the working rooms from the showroom, build two dressing rooms and hooked up the speaker system.

Finally. It’s moving day, or maybe I should say moving weeks.   We had many volunteers come in to help pack up the Harvey St store and move everything to the Apple Ave. store.  The whole time we kept both stores open for business.  I was most impressed with the amount of stuff the little yellow delivery truck holds! And with the enclosed trailer that came to move all the racks of clothing!

I feel truly blessed with so many volunteers who came to support this major undertaking!  We have been welcomed into a neighborhood with new customers and familiar faces.  Everyone is so excited and grateful for a store like ours to open in their neighborhood. And I am really glad the snow held off while all this was happening!

I am very excited to share with you the NEW DIBS! On Resale.

Watch the video to see the store transformation and read about the GRAND OPENING events below.

GRAND OPENING WEEK ~ January 14 – 19 2019

  • Join us on Thursday, Jan 17th  for our 5-School PRAYER BLESSING & RIBBON CUTTING EVENT ~ January 17 at noon. Come pray with all five principals from West Michigan Christian Schools and enjoy some cake to celebrate our Grand Opening!
  • Enter into our end of week drawing with each purchase.
  • Tuesdays are  Senior Days with 15% off.
  • We honor Veterans every day with 15% off.
  • Sign up for our weekly email (add me to the DIBS! list) and always know what is happening at the store.

DIBS! On Resale your NEIGHBORHOOD Resale store!


Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).


DIBS! On Resale opened it’s doors to serve the community.  We offer a place to donate clothing, furniture and household goods and turn that into support for our schools.  We also have sister stores that do the same for their school community.

Let’s Plan A Road Trip!

First Stop Once & Again

Starting in Grand Haven, MI stop in at Once & Again.  Once & Again opened their doors in 2005 and have just had a Grand Opening at their new location on 1209  Jackson Street.  Rhonda Thom is the manager of the store and along with her volunteers they keep the store stocked with wonderful treasures and unique finds.   The sign above the door states their purpose.

“Your donations and purchases help reduce tuition costs of Grand Haven Christian School Thank you!”

The next stop is  DIBS! On Resale

Dibs On Resale a non-profit resale store created to benefit the West Michigan Christian schools

DIBS! On Resale opened the doors on Harvey St in Muskegon, MI in 2012.  We are now at our new loaction 1279 E Apple Ave.  DIBS! On Resale serves the Greater Muskegon area while supporting Fremont Christian School, Grand Haven Christian School, Muskegon Christian School, New Era Christian School and Western Michigan Christian High School. Dibs on Resale West Michigan Store PanoManaged by Mary Workman along with Jennifer, Jessica and many volunteers, they strive to keep the store looking homey and inviting.

Last stop is THE NEST.

The NEST is  located in Downtown Fremont, MI at 1 East Main St.  They have been in business for the past 5 years and have just opened at this new address a few doors down from the original location.  This is a beautiful corner store with more space to display the wonderful treasures that are donated.  Tresa Sturrus, Carol Dunning and Dee DeKryger serve as the board for managing the store.  Proceeds from  The NEST go to defray the cost of education for the parents at Fremont Christian Schools.

Plan a day to take a drive and visit these beautiful stores.  You will not be disappointed.  You are sure to find that perfect accessory for your home or wardrobe or the book you always wanted to read. Like and follow us on facebook to keep up with what is happening in each store.

We look forward to seeing you!

Once & Again  616-296-0667   facebook

1209 Jackson St, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Hours M-F 10 -6 S 10 –  4  closed Sunday

DIBS! On Resale 231-798-2252  facebook

1279 E Apple Ave Muskegon, MI 49442

Hours: M-TH 10 – 6 F 10 – 5 S 10 – 4  closed Sunday

The Nest  231-924-3930   facebook

1 East Main St Fremont, MI

Hours: M – F 10 – 5 S 10 – 3  closed Sunday

Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).

What Is It??

A Collection of  Photos – What is it?

What is it used for?

While sorting donations in the back room I hear a lot of “what is this?”  Some of the donations we receive  are new,  some are old and some really should come with instructions!   Are they decorative or useful or missing a part? Sometimes we just don’t know, but most times we figure it out!

What is your guess?

How did you do?  Did you get most of them right?

Here are the answers:

  1. A potato Ricer
  2. a sock darning tool
  3. cherry pitter
  4. no clue – what’s your guess?
  5. a mug holder?  It came in with scrap book supplies.
  6. a flag stand
  7. a flower arranging tool, you put it over the vase and stick flowers through it
  8. part of a car seat cover
  9. a cake tester
  10. you put this under you pie pan to collect the spills while baking.
  11. a safety harness maybe? This item needs instructions!
  12. a crochet cover for a square tissue box.

Stop by DIBS! On Resale and check out all the interesting items. You never know what you might find.   And you might know the answer to “what is it?”  If you have the answer to 4 or 5 send me a comment below.

Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).

DIBS! On Resale also sells on eBay

Why do Resale Stores Sell on eBay?

Most shoppers who shop resale and thrift stores are looking for bargains.  But there are some items that just don’t fit the resale store mold or never seem to sell in the store. We want to do the best we can with the donations we are given, so last spring we signed up and were approved by eBay as an eBay for Charity non-profit. When DIBS! On Resale sells on eBay, we get  a special blue & gold ribbon identifying the listing as a charity. Once the item sells, eBay waives fees so DIBS! On Resale receives 100% of the purchase price.  Funds are processed through the PayPal Giving Fund.

Jennifer Picks Just the Right Items for eBay.

Jennifer has volunteered to handle the eBay sales for DIBS! On Resale. She is doing a great job and having a lot of fun with it.  She takes the pictures and creates the listings and once they are sold, packages them and ships them out. We have sold old books, fancy purses, and lizard skin boots but our best listing so far was a nearly new medical bag!  

 You Can Sell on eBay and Support DIBS! On Resale too!

Do you enjoy selling on eBay? Anyone who is a seller on eBay can link to our DIBS! On Resale charity when they create their listing.  Their items will show the blue & gold charity ribbon and they can choose how much of the proceeds to donate from 10% to 100%.   eBay will prorate the fees charged on the sale.  Check out the link above to see our current listings and learn more about how you can support our schools through eBay.

Donate this month and PayPal will add 1%

Charity donations to Dibs! On Resale can be made through the PayPal Giving Fund at this link  From November 28 to December 31, PayPal for Giving will add 1% to your donation!  All proceeds from this donation will go right to the schools!

Shop at DIBS! On Resale during the month of December and enter our weekly gift certificate drawing!

Profits from DIBS! On Resale benefit students at our local PK-12 West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) including Muskegon Christian (PK-6), Grand Haven Christian (PK-8), New Era Christian (PK-8) and Western Michigan Christian (7-12).