Join the DIBS! Family of Fun and Friendly Volunteers

DIBS! is always looking for volunteers to:

  • Sort donations
  • Repair furniture and electronics
  • Organize and create displays
  • Work the cash register
  • Interact with customers
  • Make pick-ups and deliveries with our DIBS! truck
  • Write blogs
  • Create social media posts

If you have the time to spare along with a heart for Christian education, we will find a job for you that’s a perfect fit!

Both West Michigan Christian Schools students and parents, can earn their service hours at DIBS! On Resale. We welcome grandparents too!

Students can build their resume by getting retail experience at DIBS! On Resale. Work the cash register, create merchandise displays, work the back room or provide shoppers with customer service. There’s always work to do!

Click here to inquire today!