What Is It??

A Collection of  Photos – What is it?

What is it used for?

While sorting donations in the back room I hear a lot of “what is this?”  Some of the donations we receive  are new,  some are old and some really should come with instructions!   Are they decorative or useful or missing a part? Sometimes we just don’t know, but most times we figure it out!

What is your guess?

How did you do?  Did you get most of them right?

Here are the answers:

  1. A potato Ricer
  2. a sock darning tool
  3. cherry pitter
  4. no clue – what’s your guess?
  5. a mug holder?  It came in with scrap book supplies.
  6. a flag stand
  7. a flower arranging tool, you put it over the vase and stick flowers through it
  8. part of a car seat cover
  9. a cake tester
  10. you put this under you pie pan to collect the spills while baking.
  11. a safety harness maybe? This item needs instructions!
  12. a crochet cover for a square tissue box.

Stop by DIBS! On Resale and check out all the interesting items. You never know what you might find.   And you might know the answer to “what is it?”  If you have the answer to 4 or 5 send me a comment below.

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